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Default Re: 21st December 2012 - Nothing will happen?

Just imagine how boring the world would be if everyone thought and looked the same way.
A rainbows beauty is defined by its various colors. It takes more then one ingredient to make that tasty dish.
Yeah we’re different, but different so we can learn life’s lessons from each other; to learn about our intolerances, and to experience love in its many degrees.

And yes that was a great post LH, all the answers lay within. To solve a problem seen in ones must go inside / think / envision the solution. What you see in life were past thoughts…so think of what YOU really want to see / experience. To rely on the intuitions of others will most likely get you the results you do not want or understand.

Anything’s possible. Any thought ever conceived by man can be manifested if the intent is there. So, all the doom and gloom associated with 2012 is just another ploy to manipulate the masses into creating their demise...just by thinking it. There’s nothing to fear but the lack of love to self. Once you love yourself then you will see how easy it is to love others.

There’s a lack of self love in the world. It’s evident when you see body modifications and the need to buy expensive items. Women want a REAL man but they wear makeup, weaves, fake nails, high heels and revealing garments. *fake man in corner watching*
Women want soul mates but advertise sexuality instead of their spirituality. Men like the eye-candy, but most like their significant other s to leave something for imagination or save the kinky outfits for personal occasions. IMO, Support is how you get to a man’s heart.
Men want a real Woman but often let the wrong head think for them. All women want stability in their life but most men seem to get the impression that it only applies to financial status. The egos of men in relationships can be quite detrimental. I think if the man is also sensitive and trusting, there will be little to no problems.
We as humans can often pick the wrong mates due to misconceptions. So trying to understand another person’s perspective on life (in general) is a bit tricky, learn to detect and decipher the vibrations of what’s presented to you. If it resonates with you, then it’s for you…whether it be man, woman, thing, or event.
Pardon the rambling, just seems like as I was making one point another one looked like it needed some clarity. hope it makes sense...

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