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Default Re: 21st December 2012 - Nothing will happen?

Originally Posted by BROOK View Post
As I chose it. my words around here lately lay on deaf ears.
As lately I have been accused of being "condescending" and "insulting intelligence"by posting a thread about compassion, asking for the thread to be removed.

I was accused of running a forum member away from the forum, for posting unwelcome pictures on my profile page.
And lately it seems I am being ignored. I guess that is what to ignore button is for. so why put forth the effort.

My time is valuable here in this 3D, and it would seem expressing myself with heart here is a waste of time for me.

But thanks Barcarolle for your sentiment, it is much appreciated

Lionhawk said it best anyway
I enjoy all your posts Brook. Don't think they fall on deaf ears. Thanks for all your contributions.
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