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Default Re: Are you a part of the New Age Movement?

To me there is a delicate balance understanding the Divinity within that is so often not achieved by those of us on the spiritual path and those of us who may considers ourselves to be 'new age'.

A key understanding for me is that there is divinity within humanity, each one of us has a literal spark of the infinite, a God Flame in our heart. Each one of us is an extension of an I AM Being that is itSelf an extension of the creator.

As Genesis states: we are made in the image of the infinite.

Now that being said, our ego is not God. Our ego is the illusion that we are separate from others. Our "I", who we really are, has fallen to the point where we have come to believe we are the separate self, rather than the co-creator that is in Oneness with All Life, unique, but in Oneness.

The point is, this is a delicate balance ~ God Lives in you and me ~ and my "I" is truly an individualization of the creator, HOWEVER, my ego is NOT!

So as soon as I come to define my ego as God, which at that point is a spiritual ego, I am just as much trapped as any one else in the world. I am trapped in the illusion of separation and I will continue to experience the fruits of separation which is suffering.

There are many paths to the infinite, but only One Way ~ the Way of Oneness.

Not my will but thine Be done, because I and my Father Mother are One.

Originally Posted by New Age Messiah View Post
No one on earth, except me, could have done what I did, to be The New Age Messiah. Doesn't mean I don't understand what you're saying.

But I sacrificed myself, my sacrifice was accepted, and my story proves all religions false. The fact that I was chosen validates my convictions, overall.

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