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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Dear Astralwalker......

You are not blocked from our side(Avalon mods/forum) far as we can tell there is another glitch going on......Mudra has asked that you skype or e-mail to her and she will well as I have sent you a skype msg & don't know if you got it as that shows you offline......

We hope this gets resolved soon as everyone misses you at the nexus thread....We all know that there has been playing around with internet connections for everyone.....everywhere......

Pls have patience with us as we straighten out what this could be.....

There WILL be Unity here at least of all places!!!!

In brightest Lights of love & harmony!

There are many new things that are ocurring!! There are the free re-newable energies being released to the people...finally....after many,many brite souls have been used & abused.....Also, the climate issue at Copenhagen came to a great close for the peoples of earth!!!

There is much to work towards.....But VERY MUCH to hope for as well!!!!!!!!!

I wish for all humanity to feel twinkles in their hearts and to see a brighter possibility of goodness,sharing,caring,creating between ALL peoples....

So May it Be!!!!!

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