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yes, he'll likely get a 4x4 rock crawler for his birthday. But if I find blueprints, or such. this may actually become a family project. lol. (I'm thinking it's big enough that my little 4 cyl diesel engine from my old Chevy Chevette, might actually fit up under that hood! lol. Hmm, transmission and shifting though?)

I'm leaning towards Nitro too. And learned the hard way about 5 years ago, that I can't buy my boys Walmart RC's. Because I have 3 boys. (4 if you count the hubby!) And, usually the one boy that has the strongest controller, runs all the RCs lol. Which happened to have been my hubby! ROFL 3 boys running to me, "MOM! Dad took our trucks!" Picture this, hubby is laughing and giggling while running all 4 RC's down the road, with his controller, and kids can't get control of their RCs! They're screaming and running after them, "MY TRUCK! MOM!" The bugger!
So that was my crash course in learning about radio control frequencies! lol
Last year Christmas, I bought my youngest a front end loader from the truck stop here. It was sooo cool! The thing was about a foot tall and 3 foot long! Huge thing. They litterally went outside playing with it over Christmas and plowed my driveway with it. (one little scoop at a time! ROFL)
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