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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi Everyone,

I just stopped by to say I will not keep everyone waiting much longer! It's been a lot of work but the first file is almost ready.

12DnAHelix, it's possible you have missed the part of the discussion much earlier when I was mentioning what exactly is going into the new files - this is why we will ideally be working exclusively with the new ones.

I had hoped that by releasing the pre-meditation file ahead of time (especially in its newer form with the video), some of what is going into the new files would become evident. It might be a good idea to go through the youtube video again and try listening very carefully, especially if one can consciously disregard the text and focus entirely on the rippling water. There is a fractal matrix embedded in the file that provides a valuable solution to the focusing and channeling of our energies towards the grid that is in effect the real technical basis for our efforts.

I forgot to mention last time, but for this purpose, it is best to focus on the bottom 1-inch of the screen (when the video is set to full-screen, which is best). Do not look up from there to read the text - peripheral vision will work wonderfully to allow the rippling and changing colours to do their magic. In fact it is better this way than to have it without the text. It's a true challenge that represents the philosophy I had put forward in my past few posts. I still believe strongly in it.

I had come to realize that it would only be by merging the keys in both scientific and artistic/emotional domains that we would have the necessary materials to synchronize with and accomplish our common mission. This was one thing Astralwalker went out of his way to make very clear to me, and I am very thankful for that. The two must be made to balance perfectly - this is why I am taking my time to prepare carefully since my recovery.

I am considering also to share the fractal layer of the pre-meditation file all by itself, so as to further provide a fully transparent layer into exactly what is going into this, and why it can be considered as completely different from anything that has been attempted previously, and from there why it has a very good chance of succeeding if we can manage to gather the number of people needed to reach critical mass.

If even one person shows interest I will be happy to provide it, there will be much more complex fractal layers being "woven" into the meditation files themselves so I believe sharing the layer will go a long way towards better synchronizing with the files in the future.

Truly, we can do this. I can't help but feel that how the project has managed to hang on and perservere given all the adversity that has come its way is a sign that there is definitely something to it worth seeing through to the end. I could never have begun my part of this on my own but thanks to Astralwalker the basis for it was provided. At precisely the same time the project began I started battling some truly strange symptoms I am honestly still dealing with, but for awhile now I knew that I would get the better of them (since they were not natural, of this I am sure). It was a test against my willpower, very much in parallel with the will of the members of this project to keep it alive even when some of us were down and out. I thank you for that.

This year, as the contents of the video I selected to use for the pre-meditation file mention, will be the year we begin to make good on everything we saw would come to be. And it will be precisely because of projects like this one happening all around the world - I am sure of it. This is the degree to which our actions manifest themselves. Manifestation just works in ways considerably more mysterious than many would think at first.

As hard as it will be to resist the urge to further elaborate, I really want to return with something in hand - so that we can further resolve the philosophical/spiritual environment for the meditations only once we have begun them as originally intended.

So I will be back then once the first 1 hour file is complete. Until then, take care everyone,


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