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Default Re: Description of the Annunaki

Originally Posted by TempestGarden View Post
Honestly.... I don't know! I mean, I really enjoyed the book and all, but a lot of the material in this particular book was quoted from other sources. So, in many ways, I kinda felt like I was reading a textbook of information rather than an original writing from the author, if that makes sense?

Back then, I was able to get in contact with his supposed "contact person" that handles all of his public relations matters but I got the strong impression that I was actually talking to him instead. This person told me that he is very reclusive and supposedly lives on some remote island somewhere and that he is in reality well into his 100s in age yet has the energy of a young adult. At the time I read this book, I will still in the beginning of my awakening process, so I didn't understand much of what I was being told. Or at least, I had no basis for a lot of this new information in my thoughts and way of life. Supposedly he uses some kind of technique(s) handed down from ETs (Annunaki?) that have helped him to greatly extend his life.

Now that I think about it, perhaps these are the same life prolonging techniques that a lot of the elites are supposedly using and that you hear about from time to time on some of the conspiracy websites.
Yes, I have one and read one of his books and that's why I didn't like it- quoted from other sources.....that's very interesting about his contact person.....from his pics though- he looks young.
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