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Default Re: Orgone devices: Helps balance all energy

Originally Posted by Clarityofawareness View Post
If we are our reality, meaning our whole being is also our constant unlimited reality, then anything is possible so long as we are "being" (accepting, choosing, experiencing, allowing, evolving) the possibilities. If so then no impossibilities exist unless you are "being" them as well. If so then orgone devices could probably be made of almost anything, including some dirt, rocks (for crystals), straw and what ever else you want to add to it's matrix ingredients. Would such orgone devices survive various kinds of environments? I don't think so.

I found that visiting my unlimited internet (my open mind and heart awareness, imagination) is a wonderful way to evolve my own orgone device construction process. Especially when it comes to other people, such as those whom I give orgone devices to and those who buy from me, being involved.

I still do gifting (the placing of orgone devices into various locations). Only I now do this by way of something like astral travel. Explaining the exact details at this time could jeopardize the well being of such work I do. Just think of a TED (Thought Energy Devices) and my gifting is almost like that.
Right on! I see where you're coming from now.
Just thinking of the "idea" of TED itself opens up a lot of possibilities to my mind.

I'm sending you some appreciation vibes, let me know if you get them
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