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Default Re: New Australian magazine for tr

Seems to me that you could have tough competition from Nexus magazine. I consider Nexus is very cleverly conceived. It gives people detailed info that's practically useful regarding health, yet very cutting edge as well. Most of its articles serve at least two different purposes like this -- such as the health ones providing recent research on health but also practical advice. The editor of Nexus is generally very shrewd at picking only the most reliable articles to publish. He seems to vet out all or close to all the disinfo.

What don't I like about Nexus? Too many detailed articles about scientific advances that are way too technical for nearly everybody. Too many long articles on politics describing who played what dirty tricks on whom and where and why. I rarely read such articles even half the way through -- and still feel like I need a shower to wash off the muck energy I've picked up.

So maybe if your magazine can kind of have all the more desirable qualities of Nexus but you can use your imaginations to discover different ways of achieving this than Nexus does, that would be great.
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