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Originally Posted by TraineeHuman View Post
So maybe if your magazine can kind of have all the more desirable qualities of Nexus but you can use your imaginations to discover different ways of achieving this than Nexus does, that would be great.
Thanks for all your insights and suggestions TraineeHuman, they are really appreciated and I will take them back to the lab. We really do value your opinions because the whole point to Veritas is to give people what they really want. More solutions, more expanded awareness. That way, we can offer a better magazine.
We have taken a close look at Nexus and agree that they offer valuable information and advice.
We do not wish to be another Nexus and hope to differentiate ourselves with the information that we provide. We hope to have an easy reading format and the focus will be upon solutions rather than as you say so well; who is playing dirty tricks upon who. Let us know what you think TraineeHuman when Veritas comes out. Your opinion will be highly sought after! Aloha, Sparkles
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