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Default Re: Why Is There Fear In Everyones Heart?

Originally Posted by EchosLament View Post
But Love doesn't give you 1k calories to feed a 5 year old what he needs to survive in this knitted flesh...unless you count the love that I have for my children to prepare in case something should happen.

The key is to find balance.
Indeed, love can't give me ANYTHING.
But it does bring me all I need.
For when I am in a near constant state of LOVE?
Every thing I need (including things to help me take care of my boys) comes to me. EVERY time.

And please, don't misunderstand my abounding love for carelessness.
I am ex-military. I am prepared. But I am not afraid of anything that may or may not come. Why ruin my NOW with worry? Not gonna change the outcome either way.

It is like carrying an umbrella. I am not manifesting rain just by carrying it, nor am I dreading the rain. It is what it is.

My love is helping to balance to all the fear/yuck being projected on this plane. And I am so okay with that. What better assignment is there? :-)
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