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Default Re: My First Reptilian Encounter

Originally Posted by Visvasa144 View Post
yes. but like an athlete we can better various facets of our game(self). just because you were born a certain way with strengths and weakness doesnt mean that is all you have to work with.
Absolutely And you surely know that the best athletes use their minds, their imagination, their willpower as well as their muscles.

the end result is that we are divine god like beings. its that gap in-between who you are now and that divine being that you want to lessen each and every lifetime. thee best way to do this is soul recovery. plain and simple.
In a way that analogy is accurate. However, when you're done and all is collected you'll know that none of it was lost in the first place. That's 3d distortion, the game. And the things you do in order to regain soul fragments is the ritual you require for yourself to give yourself permission to consciously access that soul fragment. And that's exactly what you must do.

You're not fragmented, you never where.. You're more powerfull than you understand.

that sounds very philosophical and spiritual but that just isnt the case. a soul has value and it can and is traded by many nefarious beings throughout the universes. not the entire soul but fragments or pieces of the soul.
So I am told... Usually by people who are being chased, fought, assaulted and wrestled for their souls. I know one guy who is convinced his soul was stolen.. Over time he claimed that I helped him recover his soul by realizing it wasn't stolen, it was his conviction that it was stolen that caused his suffering. In other words he had given his soul away and it came back as soon as he figured out it was his choice. (No contracts)

Once during a shamanic vision quest "the reaper" came for me too. I sensed his presence very strongly. I knew his intent. And I knew the only place I'd be safe was if I stayed inside the room where I was... So naturally I tried to pinpoint his location and left the room to confront him. As soon as I got there, the presence was gone. This is how you regain your power. By cutting through the illusion. You are invited to give up your power by these nefarious creatures. And they display all their feathers and power in the process. But they can do nothing more than invite you.

Why if you are such a big threat that they'll make the expenses they do chasing you around, why o why has the fed not put a few cents worth of bullet through your head? Because your life is sacred to them? Why do you think you spot them around you? Because you're smarter than them?

As you said... "the end result is that we are divine god like beings. its that gap in-between who you are now and that divine being that you want to lessen each and every lifetime"

The big gap is the ILLUSION of not being god like now... We are living in distortion. We ourselves are not distorted. We just created distortion to experience our individuality in because there was no other way. Part of this distortion allows you to experience giving your power away.

just because you have never heard or experienced this doesnt mean that it doesnt happen. you yourself and your experiences create your reality not mine. i myself and my experiences create my reality and not yours. with respect what i am trying to do is help you get out of your own way.
I appreciate your kindness. But something you did got you chased by feds... Something I did got me into the illusion that my life is awesome, amazingly I have no enemies... Is it wise for me to follow your lead without first identifying what causes what?

when i lived in Mt. Shasta 1 of my roommate's many power animals was an owl. she was a trained gov. agent black magician gifted psychic.
Dude you should contact Bill and Kerry, I think people will eat your story with both hands. I certainly would. I recognize it is your truth. I cannot judge anything other about it. I am not capable because I do not have the required insights or information.

the ego of wanting to be more or know more is natural with respect to one's belief and expectations of themselves. what did you want a raptor?
It's not a matter of what I wanted. I had identified myself with the wolf since I was 6 years old. So I was surprised when the owl came up and I had to process that surprise. I did not dislike or disaprove of the owl. I just felt I must have made a mistake somewhere. In retrospect I understand that I made no mistake and some of my childrens drawings where I drew myself as that wolf I also drew wings. It was there I just didn't know it.

you clearly have some ability to see things with clear vision or you wouldnt have gotten an owl. did you know that your power animal is their to help you as you are suppose to help it also. its a relationship. your power animal needs to help you so it can move up the reincarnation scale.
I don't know about that... I personally consider it a figment of my personal mythology. I honor it, but I am who I am.. The owl that came up was there to show me my style. But I am the owl. It is a free individual on it's own but it's also still me. My best way to serve him is to be me. And the best way for him to serve me is to be himself.

In the psychoverse parts of me are parts of you, I am what I am because I identified with me. This is how I created this experience. If you were to fully identify with me you'd be me, but you'd no longer be you. Past lives are lives that are close to us and which influenced our current life. We strictly don't have past or future lives. Just like we strictly don't have this one.. On our way in we just identified with things that were already here. And by identification we built who we are from this material. The cross we choose to bear is the cross our spiritual ancestors bore. And we are responsible for it because we are them to the point where we adopted their physical structure, their mental structure and their spiritual structure with all the memes and memories and intuitions that come with it.

The point I am trying to make comes back to my inability to understand what your heavenly catalyst is. Although we are one, my identification and focus is not yours. Your definitions may not apply to me. Without knowing your mythology I cannot grasp your current circumstances or what you're trying to accomplish with that visualisation that you called "creating your heavenly catalyst".

Offcourse this is my special insight in the universe I live in. You may have drawn other conclusions you might actually be living in another world where my rules don't apply. I don't know. I'm fully confident that you are capable of finding your way.

so, you went to the underworld to get your power animal? yes/no
I am not you... The word "underworld" has no meaning to me. Don't get stuck on concepts. Shamans usually learn to go beyond the domain of words and concepts into the domain of what Wittgenstein called the unspeakable. If you force me to say yes or no and I would obey your command. You'd not be able to correctly interpret my answer.

But physically it involved meditation and the typical vision quest.

Definition of Catalyst;
I am aware of the dictionary meanings of the word. If I wasn't I would have looked it up myself. I am also aware of the meaning of the word heavenly... However if you put the two together this has no meaning to me other than "something that apparently promotes heaven" or "Something heavenly that promotes something else..." which is kind of a statement about what it does, maybe where it comes from, not about what it is. I recognize it has a meaning you imposed on it. However that meaning you do not seem to be willing to share.

You my friend, are a warrior, and a survivor... Think about what I said about talking to Bill and Kerry. They gather stories like yours. If you feel it is right for you to do so then I'd love to just hear the stories. Just be aware: it will cause exposure with all the positives and negatives that that entails.

As far as I am concerned. You clearly have knowledge and are impossible to nail down. I consider that a good thing. I like the unknown.
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