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Default Re: My First Reptilian Encounter

Originally Posted by Visvasa144 View Post
Right. this is YOUR understanding. i really feel that your trying to state this as an absolute fact. i really hope your not trying to do that. we don't want to lead people down the wrong path, do we?
It is my reality, I have seen this and experienced this. As far as I know it is true. However, reality is a honeycomb of possibilities. The rules that apply in my world may not apply to yours.

I clearly appreciate that each of us should find his or her own path. However I don't believe that my reality is what you call the wrong path. I've been around it too long to be able to take that thought seriously.

I bring this up because i was doing something today and this came into my head and i got the feeling that we have to clear this up. when you say the above statement you are or seem to be inferring that your done. with all due respect your not done nor am i nor is 99.9% of the earth's populated humans. if anyone was "done" then they wouldnt be here now on this planet.
There's lies, bloody lies and statistics, basically you just said in numbers that one in one thousand is done. While in words you say no one is. Just a pet peeve...

I personally don't believe in the "Life as a school" theory... I'm not here to learn, I'm here on holiday. What I learn is my choice. If you are free from contracts, then naturally you are free from having to learn things.

The whole business with 3d or 4d is do you accept this resonance.. Can you grok it? Quite shamanic. Point is if you have no hopes or fears then things become easy to Grok, they just are as they are.

you can only "know" when you have experienced the experience.
What makes you think I have not? This mortal coil is just a shell, it's a vessel that holds my perspective. What I am is the IAM that creates this reality and all things in it. I have faith in that IAM presence. And trust that what happens is in accordance with IAM.

how could you possibly know this if your not "done"?
By aligning yourself with intelligent infinity. Stating, "Ok, whatever, I assume my highest self is on the job" which obviously it is... The thing is you don't need to consciously "know" you just need to align yourself to the information.

do you mean "DEvolved us further from that charge".
Interesting choice of words. But Devolvement, as in "the delegation of authority (especially from a central to a regional government) " is not exactly what I am talking about.

The biological fallacy "devolution" does not exist in reality.

Really evolution is adaptation to what is. Not so much away from or towards an ideal....

But if we suggest the ideal to be the charge as placed by those creators who wanted to corrupt mankind and create a slave race. Then yes we devolved away from that. It's clearly not our ideal state though.

about your power animal. did it give you it's name? if so, dont tell anyone.
This too is decorum... Occult lore dictates that with a name you have control over an entity. If I knew your true, soul name, you'd have to obey me. At least, that's the idea.

This has to do with vibration. If you can recreate the exact vibration of an entity you create that entity. Actually, if you know the vibrational key of an entity you can tune into it, become it...

I don't know it's name. I don't think it has a name. It has a vibe and I know it's present when I feel that vibe. When I tune into that vibe, I call it...

its not decor. sometimes you have to follow the guidelines of the spirits and the worlds.
True, sometimes you have to follow peoples guidelines in order to communicate with them in a way that they'll understand.

I personally see no need for this.

well yes and no about "connecting" to it. the HC is about CREATING it. its about MANIFESTING about REALITY ENGINEERING. our divine rights.
I understand, compassion is a choice, it's a pathway you pick.

for instance; the agents have bad intentions of what their going to do to me or how they are going to influence me (R.I) remote influence. they are trying to engineer my reality negatively for their needs and wants.
on the other hand i have the HC-loving kindness in my heart. i too want to engineer reality but in a positive way.
In the end the only thing they can do is inject thoughts in your creator self that would affect that creators world. You have the final say. If it does not feel like that. Then you have the final say on a level other than the level you're conscious off.

for instance; i was in san diego at a target store with my sister and her family. now SD is a military town therefore when i go down to SD its on., anyways the team of about 9-10 agents are following me around throughout the store trying to mess with me and im loving them all back. as i started to walk to the main walkway a crowd people part. about 15-20 people just all got out of the way.i knew at the other end of this was a pretty strong agent. directly in front of me about 30 yards away was that agent. i could psi see his intention. it felt like a showdown at high noon. everyone in the store is so oblivious to this. he's walking towards me very fast and hard. i could see the weapon he created to hurt me. i just started laughing at him while applying the HC. he walked right past me and i didnt feel a thing. my reality overcame his reality. loving kindness to all beings.
I've experienced similar things. It's not government agents for me. But at one point a few satanic folks wanted to attack me and and a friend. They did this similar to your story by moving around us and positioning themselves in the ideal grid.
I recognized they were up to something, people are always up to something if they look at you frequently from the corner of their eyes.
So me and my friend sat down and just watched the show. I was wondering if they were able to produce effects. Because honestly, I had only seen my own work up to that time. So I was primarily interested and curious.
They also had a lot of decor going on. They even sent a member to sit next to us as a physical link.
Since I felt nothing I projected my energy closer to feel their energy which eventually I did. And to their credit they noticed...

Darkness always fears itself most. So when they realized I was touching them they blew off the show. The most peculiar thing about the whole show is that years later I heard that big rumours were going round about me dabbling in some kind of dark dark magic. Which explains some experiences.

I never attacked anyone in my life. I don't see the point as you can just change the alchemy and take the poison out, at least where you yourself are concerned. Other people have their own fun...
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