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Default Re: My First Reptilian Encounter

Originally Posted by Visvasa144 View Post
When did I ever say that you were on the wrong path? stop putting worlds in my mouth. this isnt the first time either. why? here's another example of you putting words in my mouth.
You said : "Right. this is YOUR understanding. i really feel that your trying to state this as an absolute fact. i really hope your not trying to do that. we don't want to lead people down the wrong path, do we?"

I'm not going to argue with you about what you meant to say. But this is where I went 'wrong'. From my perspective you were saying clearly that my understanding, if stated as fact would surely lead people down the WRONG path.. I could have interpreted the sentence to mean that people's thinking that my way is the only way is the wrong path. But I did not.

Do you understand? Put some catalyst in this conversation friend. I'm not your enemy. People hear what people want to hear. We should not worry ourselves about what they might say. I have faith that they'll find the most apropriate opinion, for them.

i said 99.9% of the earth's populated humans. last time i checked and heard it was 6.5 billion people on the planet. the only reason their is a .1% is because their could be a couple people hiding out in the Himalayas or somewhere else. so i will give them the benefit of the doubt.
99.9% is one person in every thousand... I'm not putting words in your mouth.. This is what you said. You're literally stating that 6.5 million people on this planet are Done, finished.. Then you state that these people cannot exist on earth.

The problem with this conversation is that you either contradict yourself or I am completely unused to the mode of speech you accept as normal.

# To degenerate or deteriorate gradually: After several post in this thread this conversation has devolved into me explaining my writings.
Then don't let it go there..... I told you I was "done". I had nothing to learn. Also I had the experience of unity. So I'm basically here on vacation.

I made the point to explain to you that there is no such thing as devolution. Its a fallacy. It does not exist. It's a misinterpretation of the principle of evolution. It came up because you explained that ET has influenced earthlings to be the perfect slaves. Which is true. Only I stated that we evolved away from that point because we are influenced by more than just ET. The uni(ty)verse is big, and everything is interconnected. Which you called "devolution". Which I thought was odd for a number of reasons.

I don't mind your misspelling it. But it really does not mean what you think it means. Even if many many people would misuse the word in the same manner it is still wrong, evolution does not work in reverse, it does not bode well for us if we do not understand the very principles we use as analogies in our discussions.

The point is important... Because my argument, the one I didn't even get to is that life is life. It's "done", it's "finished". Yes it's always in motion and constantly adapting to new dynamics. Our predicted evolution is because we're shifting solarsystem and all into an area of the psychoverse where the rules of consciousness are different. Life follows, we follow.

If you're chasing evolution or advancement. You're essentially playing the future/past hope/fear game. You're removing yourself from your focus. And you're not going to be happy or have a full sense of completion ever. Also you're essentially tying yourself into a hamsterwheel contract that won't be finished this lifetime.

The spiritual path of self advancement is a contract to me. I have no faith in it any more. The spiritual path of being however is far from empty. And infinite in it's forms of manifestation. You told me I wasn't done.. But I'm very much done with "learning" as far as new age would define it.. To put it in words your avatar would understand... "little I is an extention of big I."

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