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Red face Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


Greetings to All in Peace

Astralwalker, Your Presentation is most Remarkable. Very well researched. I also appreciate the additional Links you provided, which do give greater insight.

Allow me to share one more Link here for You, and for all other members and reeaders here...:

Within the events recorded in these PREDICTIONS of the Prophet Jeremia, is found the following passage...:

"But it will be too late for fear, for an enormous destruction will rage, and the earth will be covered far and wide with desert. And there will also be mighty waters that become deeper and deeper, and at certain times and days, the waters will flow violently to such an extent that, like a deluge, everything will be swept away, destroyed and annihilated, and the lives of innumerable human beings will be claimed. Through the human beings' destructive rage, the air and sun will become poisonous and dangerous, and for this reason the bodies of the weak will be burned." {Jeremia speaks here of OUR Time}

Live in Peace Today, the 'morrow is it's own concern...


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