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Smile Re: My First Reptilian Encounter

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
Is it possible that the reptillian/demon was with you throughout this story...and was directing you, or playing mind-games with you...
if you mean that the reptilians have been in charge of this program then yes.

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
...until it finally revealed itself at the end of the story?
its not the end of the story. just another day.

if you look at the blog and read about the soul piece that looks like a golden tree that i saw while R.V. a reptilian was guarding this piece underground somewhere. the great news is that they do not have this soul piece anymore. it was destroyed and the soul piece was returned to me. this happened in October. the reason why i posted about the soul piece was because it was destroyed and healed and correctly returned back to me. i did not want to publicly advertise that the reptilians had my soul piece and still active in this platform. if you could understand that our thoughts effect everything it touches. i didnt want nefarious people or beings affecting my soul piece. i have the session when it was recovered and how it was recovered all recorded.

my next blog entry maybe about that session.
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