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Default Re: New Age Disinformation

Below is some of my current level of understanding and beliefs regarding ego, sharing:

Perhaps the greatest deception of all is that you are your ego.

What is your ego? It all comes down to definitions doesn't it?

If you define ego as ME, as the I AM, then of course you don't want to lose you, there's no reason you should, and no one is asking you to...

HOWEVER, when we're speaking of the human ego, we're not speaking about the I AM, we're speaking about the thinker. The illusiatory identity that you've created on your sojourn here part of you that believes separate from others, that compares itself based on outer appearances and that believes that it is not interconnected with the whole.

Your ego is what is blocking the real YOU, your true divine individuality from coming through here in this world of form.

The future leadership of planet earth is egoless! They will be Christ beings. The greatest musicians, creators, healers, inventors, will have overcome their egos. The human race will be 'reborn' as Jesus said, and those who are the greatest servants of all will be the greatest of all. Their talents will be multiplied and the body of God, which is the consciousness that keeps this entire universe and many more functioning beautifully harmoniously, and creatively, will be manifest through those who choose to give up their bowl of porridge (ego), and accept the reality of their divine individuality of infinite potentiality.

We can keep our porridge for now, that's free will. But in order for planet earth to be raised up and it's people raised up with it, the infinite does indeed require spiritual pioneers to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and Gautama and surrender their own illusions of separation in order to be reborn as the unique, beautiful divine individualization's of God that they really are.

The difference between the time that Jesus and Gautama did it, is that the cycles have changed, the dark age is ending, the golden age beginning. The end to this story is a much happier one. In fact, the allegory of Jesus being on the cross, is actually representative of you being unconsciously bound to your human ego, which is more of a parasite sucking your light than anything else. Your overcoming your ego, is you coming off the cross and walking as the Christ resurrected on planet earth. To be in the world, but not of the world.

When we are reborn in consciousness, when we seek first the kingdom of heaven, all is given unto us.

It is time for those who are called and choose, to do the works that Jesus did, only greater works that these you will do.

Human Ego = false individuality, low vibration, extremely limited powers of creation, me me me, boring boring boring, easily controlled by the PTB and dark forces behind them, disease and death, often becoming less.

I AM = true divine individuality, perfectly balanced power wisdom and love, source of all creativity, perfect health, well being, no more limitations, total freedom, eternal life, always becoming More.

The power elite and dark forces control you by keeping you trapped in the illusion that you are the ego. This is how they can build an underground world under people's notice and the people don't blink. The people are too focused on their own bowl of porridge, their own very small world of the ego.

The goal of the dark forces is to stop you from progressing any higher in consciousness. That's in part because they need your energy to survive. As long as you are playing the game of the ego, you are feeding them your light.

Eventually, we can run out of opportunities to ascend and your cosmic bank account runs out. As long as our actions are not too harmful, that doesn't happen for a very very long time, but in fairness who knows how long any one of us has been playing this game huh?

Anyway, it's not necessary for everyone to give up their ego to get to the next phase, but is necessary for each person to give up enough illusions of their own to move into a more interconnected reality. Their is a great in breath occurring, this will result in an infinitely more exciting world and way of Being, but we need to do much work on ourselves to make the jump.

P.S. I'm certainly not trying to encourage anyone to think they need to fight the ego or be upset with the ego. The way the ego is transmuted, is through observation of it. As you observe the thinker, you become conscious of it, you realize YOU are the observer of the thinker. You are much more than the voice in the head. Bringing consciousness to unconsciousness is what is required. Sending it love helps too . In a sense, this is divine alchemy, by the act of becoming aware you are more than the thinker you are replacing the atoms, cells and electrons of the darkness of the ego, with the light from your own inner divinity and awakening to your true nature.

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