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Gonzai yeah man it is true, the observatory in arecibo is part of the HAARP program, There's a top secret base in el Yunque, also and underground base still operating in the closed NAVY base in Ceiba. This is why if you think about it a lot of the Hurricanes are going out of the Island, coincidence I do not think so. Just one tsunami can wipe away the entire Island. In our case what do we do evacuate 3 million people, where ? Im standing my ground
I have the solfeggio frequencies blastting at my house 8 hrs. a day.
These frequencies have a reverse effect on your brain waves and the eco system. Most of what I have discovered about these frequencies is because of my research on HAARP. The increase of the crime rate in PR is related to these frequencies, the self center get out of my way attitude often found in the highways and roads in PR gives a hint that normal people are a little more courtious. I worked with visiting engineers from other countries which point this out to me every time they come to visit the Island. That is why I said things are not normal. The Comay gossip show, the negativity of destroying the lives of others for entertaiment and TV rattings shows you the level that we are at spiritually on this Island. I love this Island my chidren are born here
and like I said I will stand up and fight to reverse the harmful side effects that these dummies in the goverment have been letting these programs do to the Island. PR the islanders have been use as guiney pigs for the HAARP experiment and who knows what else, 3 million people expossed . They are closing the Observatory I have heard. That means that the operations are moving elsewhere,
so no protection from the weather wars. More sanity for the minds of the Islanders. I wonder which one is worse, just kidding !!! Take care of yourself Gonzai

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