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Default Re: Your Parents are Aliens

And he believes this shows that humans and all life on Earth is from aliens – brought to the planet by collisions with comets.
So it appears that Astrobiologist Prof Chandra Wickramasinghe, of Cardiff University,still believes "life is accidental", he just thinks it "fell" instead of being planted, or indigenous.
He added: “Evidence from astronomy overwhelmingly supports the view that life did not start on Earth but was seeded from outside.

Although we have no definite knowledge how life started in the first place, once started it spread in the cosmos. As we enter a new decade, this is a clear pronouncement of our likely alien ancestry and of the existence of extraterrestrial life on a cosmic scale.”
He is willing to dispense with the usual scientific "accidental" approach, but just came up with a new one.

It completely bypasses the "Quantum amnesia physics" theory that says that this whole place exists because the intent of all conscious life took form, and then we forgot we did our part. Then said, "Oh look!"

"Life IS mystical! It's just that we're used to it"

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