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Default Re: Your Parents are Aliens

What's really new in that departement anyways.

We know that everything must come from somewhere, be it divine or not. Everything is made out of something, and that something will be found everywhere. So of course we are alien in some sense or the other. :P

However, in the picture of human beings on earth I get this strict feeling that we are the piece of a puzzle that has one too many pieces. We show up and we change everything. The only beings on this planet that manage to completely disturb the balance of nature.
So it strikes me, why is everything else here so in tune...while we are not? We just showed up and took control of everything almost right from the start.

That further strenghtens my belief that we were put here, foreign organics that came here and broke the natural balance of things.

It's just my feeling though, I can't claim knowledge around this in any way...just seems odd to me.
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