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Default Re: US to Launch Fallujah-style Attack in Afghanistan

Originally Posted by lindabaker View Post
We are way past furious. We can elect fine people on the local level. We can write and call our congress. We can elect a new president. We can elect new congress members. All for nothing......Malaise has been engineered, from tv to recreational drugs, to pharmaceuticals. Where is the true spark of the beginning of the end of this mad dream? Any ideas from any of you in other countries? Corporate fascism has taken hold in every avenue here...small businesses cannot survive high levels of taxation, and the only choice is to try to feed our families by slaving for these companies. Why would these companies deliberately break the backbone of the most bountiful nation in terms of resources? Why? I grew up loving my country (the land itself) and I still do. Sincerely, any ideas on how to lawfully and peacefully break the chains?
The engineered malaise is one of the most difficult things to overcome...over the last 10yrs Americans have been so desensitized to the violence that we don't even talk about how many soldiers have been lost in the war now. When did we stop counting? Why?

They literally murdered an entire city of civilians in Fallujah..that's genocide. Mass murder on steriods. They bombed the city to smithereens with depleted uranium bunker busters and now are cementing over the killing fields as if nothing happened. Then our military went in and built homes, schools and hospitals on top of radioactive ground....this is pure evil in action.

Now they are planning the same thing for Marjah...when there are less than 100 terrorists left in Afghanistan? This is nothing but propagandized genocide and there's nothing we can say or do to stop something every American would protest if they only know the bloody truth.

What's really sick is they aren't even trying to keep it secret, they're announcing the massacre in advance and nothing anyone says or does can stop it from happening. Of course they make it sound so sanitized and organized so that it sounds like only the "BAD GUYS" are affected, when the reality is they will begin bombing a city indiscriminately killing everyone who wasn't able to make it out of town soon enough. Pregnant woman, the sick, the infirm, the elderly, the handicapped and all the animals will all be killed because of their circumstance in life. These people live in poverty, they have no where to go and many of them are refugees from other villages who left for Marjah for safety. Now they sit and wait to be massacred.

I can only hope that people in other countries understand that most Americans are against the wars and that our leaders don't listen to us, they don't care about our opinion and are hell bent on leading us into more wars. So far enough people haven't woke up to have any kind of "collective impact" to change things by raising consciousness and nothing we have done outwardly (calls, protesting) makes any impact.

I wish I had the means to leave America for a far, far away another planet. It's getting to the point where I'm ashamed to be associated with the US anymore, and we've become nothing more than sitting ducks slaving away for our corporate masters.
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