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Default Re: Micro-Investor's Guide to Buying Silver

Originally Posted by King Lear View Post
Farmers filled their treasure chests with gold, silver and fur coats, and just giving out a bag of potatoes.

Believe me it really happened that way!

...And it makes me so sick!
Well, that's the other side of it, and you're absolutely right. I've been telling everyone to stock up on cigarettes, booze, and chocolate. And don't forget things like nails, soap and sanitary napkins. These will be money.

On the other hand, people will want a form of currency, one that is backed by a reasonable standard of value. Silver is perfect. It has been THE money metal since ancient times. Those old quarters and dimes, those Franklin halves (and early Kennedys) may be worn but they contain a known quantity of silver. I'm all for putting SOME of your assets into this form.

In this as in all ventures, fear is counterproductive.
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