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Default Re: Spiritual Cleaning for the novice

Originally Posted by Bonnie View Post
Hi tone3jaguar. I think, I, if I understood you correctly, have experienced what you are talking about in this thread. I listen to Doreen Virtue sometimes through One of the times that I was listening to Virtue, she was talking about how entities attach to a person and feed off of, if I remember correctly, their fear or negative energy. That same night right before I went to sleep, I asked archangel Michael, one of the archangels Virtue works with, that if I had any entities attached to me to help me by detaching them from me body. Later that night/early morning as I was turning over on my bed and in a state of being more asleep than awake, I literally felt like something was trying to get out from under me. I want to describe it, kind of, like when someone is trying to pull a blanket from underneath you, but not exactly. The next thing I saw in my mind (because I think I had my eyes closed, but still kind of awake) was something/someone rise/stand up underneath my blanket. I remember that it was not a very tall figure that I saw. This figure abruptly came out from underneath the blanket looking kind of like a dark shadow and jumped off of my bed and, I guess, went away. It was quite an experience that I would not have fully believed in if I had not gone through it. There is that possibility that it all could have been a dream, but this was different because I was consciously aware of what was happening.
The archangels are very helpful on a variety of things including spiritual protection. These angelic forces carry part of the same name as the archangels, (angel), however they are not the same kind of being. The archangels are more of an omnipresent figure. Where as the angelic forces are more localized and specialize sorting and fileing of the earthbounds and entities.
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