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Default Re: Spiritual Cleaning for the novice

Originally Posted by tone3jaguar View Post
The archangels are very helpful on a variety of things including spiritual protection. These angelic forces carry part of the same name as the archangels, (angel), however they are not the same kind of being. The archangels are more of an omnipresent figure. Where as the angelic forces are more localized and specialize sorting and fileing of the earthbounds and entities.
Thanks for your reply tone. I think RubyTuesday brought up some good questions in regards to the detachment of these spirits/entities. As Ruby, I am curious about knowing how one is certain that these earthbound spirits or negative entities are, in fact, gone. Does one, for example, have an experience like the one I had, feel something or is it just a matter of trust that the detachment of these spirits/entities has taken place?
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