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Default Re: Micro-Investor's Guide to Buying Silver

Frankly this Gold-Silver thing is BS!

It's just bargaining.
There are companies making profit with people's fear.

I tell you what has worth in a devastated, knocked down society:
food and addictive drugs like alcohol, cigarettes, chocolate and other things people desire in a end time world.

like: "Oh man i haven't drunk a sip of Cola for 1 year now, since the great catastrophe happened. - i give you 2 of my gold nuggets for a glass of Cola.

other: 3!

first: oh man... ok here you have it.

other: Deal!"

That will be of worth, nothing else! One could see it in Post-War-Germany - the only currency were cigarettes and then came alcohol and foods.
Farmers filled their treasure chests with gold, silver and fur coats, and just giving out a bag of potatoes.

Believe me it really happened that way!

So people don't fall for it! It's just greedy fear-mongering bargaining!
All this greedy gold and silver offering companies get rich through your Angst and you buy future worthless things!
Ever thought about that, the more people buy gold and silver the more the price for it increases!
And the more these greedy companies profit!

And then they use the news of price increasing to emphasize their "warnings" and to make even more money!
It's such a setup!

I hear this sickening things all the day on The Alex Jones Show. It's just bargaining with your Angst!

And it makes me so sick!

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