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Default Re: your brain and ultrasonics

You don't have to put the remote against your head, it works if you put onto the palm of your hand and point it towards the car as well. The body acts as a large antenna - after all, we are mostly water.

This won't work with TV remotes because they use Infra Red light - if you are bored and want to see what IR light looks like, take a digital camera - even one on a mobile phone will do, look through the digital camera at the IR LED on the remote and you can see infra red light coming out when you press buttons. That's because most digital cameras don't have an IR filter. This of course doesn't work on SLR's, only digital compact cameras.

As far as being bombarded with radio signals - just take a look at a frequency spectrum chart and you'll see how many different types of services are there. People are worried about mobiles phones, yet, they don't care about everything else.

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