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Default Re: Micro-Investor's Guide to Buying Silver

Gold and silver are a recognized storage mechanism for 'wealth', capable of facilitating barter ... as with any tool, their use is dependent upon the intentions of the parties in the economic eXchange.

Metal based currency is the only current form of currency that is not founded on debt, and debt is a control mechanism.

There is actually a culture of anti-gold / anti-precious metals that has been put forth by governments, because personal holding and use is counter to agendas to leverage control through unbridled fiat / paper currency shenanigans.

Once ground crews and radiant zones are established, there will be times where group A will want a windmill from group B, but only has food, and group C has gold available for trade for group A's food. Logistically, it preserves energy for the groups to swap the food for the gold and then the gold for the windmill. Why resort to paper contracts or promises, or bring three groups together for a single triple transaction when there is a reasonably functional alternative?

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