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Lightbulb Time for peace

The recent times have been hard and the pressure heavy for all of us.
and I believe many here could recognize having said words or taken actions
that could have been better and wiser.
I myself feel I have lost my equanimity some where along the battle that took
place here in Avalon.
The circumstances we have found ourselves into lately have been wild
and discernement myself included has at times been lacking.
Due to this many did get hurt and the community split.
I apologize to all for my own grain of sand I have added to the mess we have been in.
I am human as you and embarked in the same journey.
When I see my own flaws I do understand yours .
We are souls and form a family .
Time has come to rebalance the flows and strive for peace.
The peace we carry within and that makes us able to see that beyond disagreement, doubt , anger , fear or despise Love is the unifying factor and that through Love we are One.
We need to forgive ourselves and one another for then constructive undertakings will take place and progress be made.
The new world we dream of is one of unity and harmony .
This is a moment to moment challenge and not one of the easiest kind .
We can not change the world unless we change ourselves and make that work within a point of honor .
The quantum leap we must take is a move in our Heart .
For that door is the path beyond the veil .

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