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Default Re: Welcome to Project Camelot Forum

Just finished listening to the George Green interview.

It always seems to take me a couple times of listening to the interviews to get all of information I can :-).

To Bill and Kerry:

Thank you for the information you are getting out there to the general public. I have gained a sense of stability and instability from the interviews. I guess I took it upon myself to listen to all of the interviews and see what was going on either the specific persons or the world (i.e. global economy and the whole shifting into a new sense of consciousness). I think its kind of weird on what is going on with Mr. Fulford. I hope everything is okay with him.

I could go on for a couple pages on what I percieve is going on, but I don't have enough time for that today.

I guess to sum it up:

You guys rock! Keep on rockin'! Peace!

P.S. I can't wait to see this forum grow in numbers! Even though the future seems very bleak, it is truly exciting times!
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