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Default Re: PTB are Here on Avalon !

Originally Posted by Bagatell View Post
If so, so what?
In 1984 Emmanuel Goldstein and the other side are run by the gov, to control any opposition by attracting them like a magnet. But if one KNOWS that that is the case, one can still use it as a mule to transfer info with....

And yes of course, they would want to control what whistle blowers are allowed to get their info out, and what whistle blowers, should have their whistle removed. How predictable it all is.

Bagatell, is that the related to the Il_Bagattel from Surfing the Apocalypse, where it is considered a waste of bandwith and time and one is prevented from loging in when one asks the simple question,
How is it possible that Americans allow their government to alienate their unalienable rights?
Part of the same forum group (CIA Central) that it seems always goes ofline in a group, where Lancifer originates that presented this 'info' you call 'coincedence', before?

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