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Default Re: PTB are Here on Avalon !

Of course they will be monitoring p avalon so what, they are the souless ones and they are the ones who worry about these sites because they are weak and they know it, when you have to hide and do everything behind the scenes are they real men or women no they hide behind their false power, titles that are not earned, flashy clothes, fancy cars fine houses, obscene incomes, obscenes egos youve seen them its an emminence front.We will have to show them how to be truly alive in the coming years, through love compassion, forgiveness, helping people less fortunate,treating our relations the animals and birds and all living things with respect. All the hiding ones know is secrecy murder and mayhem to get their way but the big boys have to get someone else to do it for them because as I said before they are weak, can you imagine some of the elite family members going into warefare standing on your side and you having to depend on them, if the hiding ones had to fight in their wars end of story no more wars.Anyway back to the dark postings on this site you can feel the energy in their words negative, roll right over them and speak our truth. OH MITAKUYE OYASIN
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