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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi Marian-Librarian,

Thanks for the link. I really appreciate.
We had been monitoring this site from the very beginning. It’s a nice website.
You can also check the crop formation archive:


Hi Tez,

Thank you for the link. I really appreciate.

I had analyzed the data and my opinion is this:

I have been monitoring the scientific results that comes Russian Academy of Science, especially the ones from Russian physicists Alexej Dimitrijev who was in charge of a project concerning changes in the all planets of our solar system and 2012 scenario.

Also I know about the bio-chemical research of Dr. W. C. Levengood concerning the crop samples inside the crop formation.

I totally agree with the magnetic anomaly present inside the formation.

I agree with laser beaming the DNA sample, mapping the Junk DNA and founding language patterns and the results that they come up with.

But I disagree with these conclusions:

According to Fosar and Bludorf therefore this natural energy is brought about by hypercommunication via magnetic wormholes in the DNA. The crop circle is a group consciousness phenomenon.

The geometrical and philosophically significant shapes of the crop circles can be explained, as pointed out by Fosar and Bludorf, in terms of Jungian archetypes in the collective unconscious.

This also of course explains a very essential element of crop circle phenomena, namely that they seem to interact with the psyche of the human observers.


- The crop circles are mainly made by extraterrestrial intelligence capable of multidimensional travel. Despite that the messages have hypercommunication nature they are not made by human collective unconscious but from intelligent beings.

- If they are materializing via thought manifestation, then how come they send helicopters and jet to chaise them away. And they are traceable on the radar.

If you notice, they are visible on infrared before they enter the atmosphere and because of the Star Wars weapons targeting them, they dematerialize and vanish from the infrared which means they disappear from the physical-etherical plane to astral or higher and when they passed this line of “defence” they materialize above the fields when they again become traceable for radar.

They usually use etheric portals which are marked with large stone horses on the ground (I’m speaking mostly UK).

Other thing is…from time to time I receive this download too…so I can assure you that are solid and not a product of archetypes in the collective unconscious.

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