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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

[QUOTE=Oliver;121761]Dearest friends,

It happened. The announced "historical event" for March 20 by some sources just happened. Today, US President Barck Obama in direct statement strongly REFUSED use of any kind of force forn the sollution of the problems with IRAN. He calls for diplomatic efforts, onesty and friendsheep in te relation on international scene and with Iran specially. Some politicians emidiately had reacted wit great optimysm on it.

As an expirienced journalist who is analysing the international relations, geopolitics and NWO stuff, I can tell you that this, in this situation, is UNPRECEDENTED, historical declaration for last 3-4 decades. It is TURNING POINT point for peacefull resolvement of the problems in the Middle East which is most neuralgic point on the Earth in geopolitical dimension.

I can do more explications on this, but this is just my first emotion on the event. But, believe me, it is highly positive historical event. Obviosely, Obama is duing efforts to escape the control of the notoriouse military-industrial complex, behind which the evil and dark is situated.

Rainbow warriors - IT WORKS! Ours and other`s efforts and Love for humanity and for all beings in the Universe is effective. Keep offering your big hearts open, with unprecedent Love, the vibrational energy will do the rest. Let tommorow`s meditation be strongest untill now, let us love more, deeper, broader, higher, let us believe.

My all Love for you, people. - KRUVEL

I apologize this is not a tread to discus foreign policy of USA but I just finished watching that video on Barak O and I could not hear that strong refusal of use of force ,check yourself

in any rate very exited for tomorrow meditation with solfegio video

love and light
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