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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi my friends,

The file is excellent. I see that the video is taken from The Human Body Energy Centers, Beautiful! (Created in 3 parts), which is very beautifully done.

Thank you Perseide for assembling this together with Solfeggio Audio files. Good job my friend.

Let’s do it.

Looking forward for tomorrow’s meditation and tuning into the same wavelength with you my friends! Lets enjoy and increase our experience with this new video-audio file and make a greater change in the matrix.

Visualize Earth regaining its balance, magnetic field stabilized, and all life safe and secure. Visualize whales and dolphins which are depending on magnetic balance - safe and secure.

Visualize Light coming from everywhere inside the planetary consciousness and inducing a tremendous healing process of regeneration.

Let’s begin doing our job which we are all here and lets accept our full responsibility.

Let’s release our potentials and manifest our divine energy. We are asleep beings of light and let’s make the change.

Once more, We are all connected, we just don’t see it and we just do not feel it. This video file if started on time (exactly 8 pm GMT) will unite us as nothing else before.

Let there be Light,


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