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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Truthseeker360 View Post
Blessings all,

Great we move forward with PMA.

Good idea with a vote system we would create a divide and could loose valued participants whoose vote was not the majority and would not serve the purpose we require.
The extra meditation could be viable(i am unsure would this lower energies we build for our weekly meditation and weaken our main goal?)input required.

Maybe through meditation feedback thread we could look at past problems and rectify through tick box questionaire 1-5 scale on future music avi and get a more overall view and adjust to a happy medium of everyones thoughts feelings .

phireflye has done this of a kind listening to feedback and adjusting to feedback.
But will still recieve mixed feedback sounds to loud for some to quiet for others etc....If people understand instead that this is based on above said questionaire
and maybe not perfect for them but is the same for the whole group not purfect but as best can be achieved for everyone (a happy medium)and resonate with that.
Then the experience will outweigh the individual requirements and the music will serve its purpose.

The questionaire could be posted on Rainbow warriors site for all to participate and forwarded to say Sanat?

LOve @Harmony

I don't for a second believe we are creating divides, but rather uniting to an even tighter cohesive force by working thru these issues and finding common ground upon which we can all stand. Will we find perfection in everyone's eyes? probably not, but I firmly believe it will be very close and be very powerful..
wednesday and saturday meditations: absolutely a wonderful idea. In all my research I've learned that one should meditate 1 minute each day for every year of ones current age (for me its 45) in doing so, one gets better at it, your brain gets trained to achieve alfpha state quicker and quicker and easier and easier.. so to me this extra meditation can ONLY add strength to the saturday event. further, it wouldn't hurt one bit, for all that can, to meditate each day at that same GMT time .. I'm willing to bet they will be able to FEEL the difference based upon how many people are involved. This in my eyes, can only strengthen this healing experiment

sending energy through visualization in meditation: most if not all people know what LOVE feels like and what to visualize to achieve that feeling and while in meditation can send that energy.. if all try to use the same images to achieve the same feeling we are going to run head-first into the same issues we are experiancing here with music.. the same image will not create the same feeling in everyone.... so it seems simple enough to me that everyone can use images and memories in their own life to send love-energy. from there it's simple enough to send that energy through INTENT to the healing of our planet and humanity.. and we must be careful to not send these energies towards ~illuminati symbolism~
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