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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Dear everyone: let us remember, what we are doing here is for the love of being of service to humanity and our beautiful Earth, if we can keep our focus on that, and the heart, and we'll be fine. We are re-learning a "new" way of being, co-ordinating our consciousness in unity, after having been conditioned so long to exist in fractured, polarized individuality - we are aiming for the common ground, beneath all human personal idiosyncrasies, at the root of all of our being, where we CAN reach consensus, because at that level we are all One...... it is a grand experiment, and we are up to the task, so let's all take a deep breath or two, relax, and sense with our hearts guiding the way. Truthseeker said:
i was listening to Phi new work at the point of whales ,i felt a huge upwelling of love which poured from me the laughing children was magical .then felt complete calming with the chimes a waves,the clearing of the mind with the winds the wind in the mountains ~ amazing ...great work it touched me(it touched my chakra) i hope it does so for others (some may require a tweak here or there)but we'll get there.
This is very good news, as this is what Astralwalker [ and I ] felt was missing from the original, since Phied did not have time to add more evocative layers before he got too sick to work. If need be, we can add even more emotion by putting in a section of soaring vocals after the laughing......but maybe we don't even need it? So far, there is not one person who has listened to the new file who has not resonated with it, so in light of that consensus, i would humbly suggest that we we use it this saturday and see how it works for everyone. Happy to tweak more as necessary form additional feedback

As for adding video, is a double edged sword, in that it can be both distracting and aligning. But remember the point is to get us all synchronized, and imagery does add another component to that end. I do feel that if we are going to incorporate images, we need to keep the images ones that all can relate to on some level. Yes, one person may say, "I prefer trees", and one, "the ocean", but both can say, "i appreciate nature". I feel we can find something all agree on. That way, the video images will be there for those who want them, and others can close their eyes if need be. Because i do agree with Astralwalker that we will get much greater synchrony, and therefore be more effective, if we all are listening to/looking at the same thing, if we are all on the same page.

As an example, in Lynn McTaggert's intention experiment; thousands of people log on at the same time and literally think of the same scripted sentence, which is chosen in advance, and follow the same protocol for charging up the heart appreciation feeling which is so necessary to create a COHERENT wave; and look at the same target image. Everyone listens to the same music there as well. And so if you want to participate in the experiment, you have to agree to do it this way. This is done because the research shows that doing it this way increases efficacy. It is not designed to please everyone's individual tastes, but it IS designed to be neutral, so it doen't create the wrong emotional charge. We have a similar thing going on here, however we may not need to be so stringent since this isn't a clinical trial

Let's remain focused, and continue to clear any drama as it rears its head [which is to be expected], by appreciating the process - there is nothing wrong, we are simply in a growth process here during a pivotal historic time; a lot of energies are coming up both individually and in the collective [ as within so without], as we cleanse all that has festered beneath the surface for so long, it is a natural phase of healing for this to happen, as we stretch ourselves to achieve a true harmony.... and we may be closer to our "happy medium" than we think.... As dear Sanat stated:
Given some time something more stable will crystallize itself as we move forward.
For instance, in my new recording, since the first half is the same solfeggios, we could still use the video that Perseide has provided, and perhaps he or Mikey could add more imagery for the Phied section? Alternatively, another less complicated way to achieve this is to have a single still image that we all look at... Still, what is most important is the ability to call up the feeling state of appreciation, awe, and inspirational love for our planet and the sanctity of all life. Let's keep it simple and universal.

I agree with Samarkis, that we should keep the May 9th time at 1 pm local time, which will create a time/space wave as well as be more convenient for getting to planetary grid points. I also agree that any meditations aimed at healing for Phied or others be separate from our regular global meditation.

Lastly - and pardon me for the long post - as TwoRone so beautifully observed:
...and I heard the parts that everyone added to the collective whole... like the joining of fractals from each contributor into something just beautiful..
This was my intent, and is just a taste of where we are heading, folks We can do this!
Personally, I have no charge/attachment around whether we use the file i created or not, I only did it as a way to see if i could bridge and braid various intentions from the group together; to find a cohesion. So if it resonates with others as well as it has with those who've listened so far, let's roll with it and move on to the next phase. Here is the link to listen again:

Blessings One and All, phireflye
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