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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by TheChosen View Post
Since this kid claims to channel the Annunaki (some very high level names at that) I was greatly intrigued by that claim so I watched several of the videos and it was obvious there was some genuine force behind the young girl. The arrogance, the mockery and abuse can be felt pretty clear. Power? Not so much..

1) Don't trust anything they are relaying. Whatever the purpose and final reason, you can see for yourself they regard humans as less than insects. Whatever it is being shared will not help you, it will only make you fall deeper under the control of whatever faction they represent.

2) These beings are not the ancient Annunaki and the identities they claim to channel. At best some fallen offspring.

3) Their race is the one of gargoyles (I saw them last night in the astral). They are about 3 or 4, joined by one that knows the ways of the light (so they can speak of light and love but ultimately work to dominate your consciousness). They are relatively weak in terms of raw power, but very sleak and cunning.

4) My guess is they chose a young girl to channel through as she is much easier to dominate because of her age and inexperience.
In the video listed, she is reading from notes as she speaks. You can tell when she holds her breath during the look-down pause. That's a dead giveaway - many people forget to breathe when their focus is distracted. Further, she is not a little girl (in my observation), but a young looking woman. Others I watched were just as unbelievable... one of which the supposed entity fully assumed her physical body and took on "it's own" characteristics and mannerisms. This would require full possession (to my knowledge) and a great deal of energy to pull off... which I doubt would be considered worthwhile unless they take permanent residence in her energy structures. Even in that case, she would have near zero control over her own body, as the entity would have fully manifested into 3D.

I could be totally wrong... but this is a strong feeling.
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