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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Ė Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Thank You Astralwalker for your great work on gathering the crop circles.
Wonderfull universal language.

Below are comparisons to cymatic images, these are created either by sand on plates or liquids that are subjected to certain sound frequencies. These are just a few that Iíve managed to match to certain crop circle designs. Some are better matches than others but Iím sure you'll agree that the similarities are beyond coincidence.
This discovery to me was incredibly profound to say the least, the message in them became much clearer. I'm hesitant to go it a rambling on how I believe these patterns relate to the universe. So I thought I'd share some links so people can make up their own minds. Just keep in mind that vibration or frequency gives rise to geometric structure the higher the frequency the more complex the structure.

The Vedas, Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Templar etc...... They all knew. This is the essence of the ancient wisdom. As well as a Unifying of the fields of physics, not only that but includes the pattern of evolution and biology...
Ok small ramble.

Nassim Haramein

His research papers are here; including his theory for the source of all spin in the universe. Itís so obvious and just elegantly simple. There are articles in both scientific and laymanís terms.

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