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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Jonathon View Post
In the video listed, she is reading from notes as she speaks. You can tell when she holds her breath during the look-down pause. That's a dead giveaway - many people forget to breathe when their focus is distracted. Further, she is not a little girl (in my observation), but a young looking woman. Others I watched were just as unbelievable... one of which the supposed entity fully assumed her physical body and took on "it's own" characteristics and mannerisms. This would require full possession (to my knowledge) and a great deal of energy to pull off... which I doubt would be considered worthwhile unless they take permanent residence in her energy structures. Even in that case, she would have near zero control over her own body, as the entity would have fully manifested into 3D.

I could be totally wrong... but this is a strong feeling.
She's reading, that's obvious...and this makes me feel that what we see here is only a higher entity will ever need to read it's own thoughts.

I had to stopp watching...I got an enourmous presure inside to stopp watching the listed video...and I trust my guidance, as it has allways been correct.

Sure, it's only my subjective point of view, but this is not something I should see ot bother has no importancy for me and my further awakening path.

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