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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


I wanted to give you something beautiful before tonight meditation. Something that reflects your love for Mother Earth, some essence of pure beauty. I searched until I realized: What is pure beauty? Whell, it is when there is no other reason for existence, except to give beauty, to be beauty.

And, there is no something new to be claimed:The Flowers! The only reason for them to exist

And...they deserve pure music, also. Classical, undeniable beauty. "The Waltz Of The Flowers", by one soul full of light and love - Tchaikovsky!

Of course, you all know this beautiful music. You know about the beauty of the flowers.

But, let us remind ourselves that pure Beauty is pure Love. Greatest manifestation of it.

And..let us tonight, during our meditation, be like flowers. Pure beauty and pure love for our Mother Earth. Let us dance the Waltz Of The Inexpressible. The Waltz Of Our Souls.

Together. As One.

My love for you, Rainbow Flowers - KRUVEL

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