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Quick hello to everybody! I live in Cork city, 41 years of age and have been sucking up every bit of information on UFO`s for the past 30 years or so. "Project Camolet" when i first came accross it over a year ago was a breath of fresh air. The "jig-saw" started to fit together!! I`m not hung up on the small details because the bigger picture is whats important..J-6`s J-22`s J-55`s it doesn`t really matter to me at this point. I have been to mexico many,many times and i have to much respect for the Mayan culture to ignore the ending of their calander or in their words the coming of the "apocalypse" I also have hope because the translation of their meaning of apocalypse is "revelation". It has been proven to me time and time again about the existance of aliens, roswell, phoneix lights, shank habour, rendelsham forest, 30,000 airline pilots, men who walked on the moon, Jimmy Carter, governor of arizona, the mexican military, the french government, british government etc etc... but it all still does my head in.. I`m finding it hard to believe that we are in the final straight.. I find David Wilcox and George Green`s conversations the ones i listen to most but I have not come to any decisions yet as to what I`m going to do. Things seem to be happening fast but Im still not going to get carried away. Life goes on day to day. I will say this, if i was a millionaire i would be writing this from South America, I`m not so I have to evaluate Ireland and i think we are "safe" (I use that word loosely) from most senarios except George Greens " WW111"
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