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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I was thinking more of December for the next Sacred meditation..

For a few reasons

December is a time of high spirits all over the world.

As time quickens there will be more awakening and seeking the truth..

Originally i was thinking 19th but hey maybe 21st at 11:11 (advertising benefits) or 17:47 gmt
(winter solstice) might even make the trip to Newgrange for that one..

ok so busy time of year,cold etc etc but im sure we can overcome the obsticles..

May 2010 seems a long way of,and date 6thMay?

Love light & Oneness

Originally Posted by Samarkis View Post
The Global Meditation date stands...others have put time & money to have things set for that time....That is why we announced the time & date early enough.....

What I do suggest to all that are busy...if you are able to....set your alarms on yr cell phones(even put on vibrate if you have to) and mentally connect with us for a few minutes...or more...It does add up!!!

The next Meditation should be in May 2010...there will be enough time to promote properly to all kinds of groups to join us!! There will be time to put ads in local papers and really reach out in earnest!!! I for one have a huge campaign building up to reach out....start putting the on the back window of yr car Windows!!!

Let's reach out to all!!!

In Much Light!

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