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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

In principle, I do not mind if others want to organize more meetings...

I need the time to get organized and really do a good job promoting the May & July meditations...

For me there is much prep to do and I will need that time....
I am also doing this out of my own pocket (Flyers,Banners,Speakers,Canopies,
now adding in local ads...organizing a reception after meditation so as to maybe network with groups that have helping others as their missions....I would really like to see more reaching out within our communities to help each other)

I would like to see more of a response to feel an even flow...people have their own schedules and feel better staying in their own homes for a variety of reasons....So for me ,I feel twice a year for me to organize these groups are enough...I do have family & business obligations...
In 3D there are lots of responsabilities....And preparations!!!!

I wish all success in whatever is chosen!!!
I would like to encourage more meditations as possible!!
In Light!
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