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Default Re: Please post here if from Ireland

hey there guys.

Im your average half drunk half sober irish teenager. wait, no.. i am now a man .. apparently.

Ive been up to my elbows in all this conspiracy stuff for a few years now and i dont exactly like to give it too much thought. If i die i die, i just dont want to waste my life anticipating something that might never happen.

Its nice to see a few other people who have taken an interest in this stuff.. its usually not conversation fodder with my group of people.. and i dont blame them, who wants to think about all that nasty stuff.
I dont mind talking about it myself tho, its not something that bothers me in the least! in fact, i find it realllllllyy interesting.. but not as interesting as girls and a few laughs.

Hope to have a few beers and a chat with some of you in time to come, for now adios.

Best wishes for whatever your future may hold.
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