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Default Re: Please post here if from Ireland

People take home, car,life, even pet insurance out in case of unforeseen circumstances.
Judging by reports on this site and many others, the chances of a worldwide catastrophy happening in the near future seem very high. If people reading this don't think so.., then why have you joined the 'Ground Crew' forum?
If you think something is likely to happen.., then why the apathy?
Should you not take out some form of insurance against this unknown event.
I think the answer of most would be yes.
The predictions are that the next few weeks are crucial. I, like the rest of you, don't know what it is that's going to happen. I could speculate, but no matter what it is.., it'll be massive, apparently.

Insurance after the event will not be necessary. The attitude of "Ahh, sure I'll wait and see how things are going" is recognised as 'famous last words'.
Why not prepare for the worst and expect the best, that's insurance!!
BUT DO IT NOW!...TODAY!! There's so much to arrange, it'll take weeks, months even, and maybe more. But a start must be made TODAY!
Make arrangements to meet each other and get moving.
If you are thinking this is the fear & panic that the illuminati want, then you don't know me.
I'm just sick of turning off the lights!

Anyone interested in meeting up this weekend in Belfast ?
Send me an e-mail at; and we'll take from there.
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