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Pilgrim, I don't want to be rude mate but it sounds as if you're selling insurance. If there is a world wide catastrophe of some sort in the next short while I personally will be taking my chances with my own well being, with my cash and assets such as they are close to hand, if not in my hand. A cursory look at the 'news' on the aul telly shows that financial institutions are the first things on the chopping block at the moment. They are all passing imaginary money around in a sick and terminal game off pass the parcel.

George Green's last message on Camelot was that the dollar is close to collapse. Alex Jones and his guests for the past 6 months have been predicting this for this time, Sept -Oct. I think, and I wish I didn't think this but reality bites, that we could see a scenario along the lines of:

dollar collapse, suspended elections while the US government 'handles' the crisis, growing unease in the US population, leading to protests and riots, roll out of martial law, growing chaos in the worldwide market as a result of the dollar death, then lo and behold another terrorist attack in the US, to be blamed on Iran. Cue another escalation in WW111, which by the way when we look back (if we get the chance) we will see started in 2001, at least. When one country invades another, then another, then another, then more countries join in, that is a world war. You need a long focus lens to see that.

Who knows, i don't think it can actually be predicted at all but I am tending to think now that one day we will wake up and there will be no net, no communication means and no a lot of other things, including the civiliised and seemingly solid banks and insurance companies. They are bubbles in the wind my friend, and a gust of war fuelled wind will do away with them. Wqhat recourse would we have if an insurance company said to us when we go to claim 'sorry, our finance was wiped out in the dollar crisis/euro crisis/war/ enter calamity of choice here'. Enron, pensions, hello, all gone. forums are discussing Israel's advice which it is giving to Israelis to get out of countries like Thailand, India, Indonesia and also the west bank apparantly, why?

Read the latest post on Camelot, war on Iran is a done deal, here we go. Israel will start it apparently.
These people are C.R.A.Z.Y. but what can we do? What can we do?
Personally when I got my head into this stuff I got pretty depressed, still am, but I'm more angry and determined. It took ages to piece all the factors together and now when i am trying to tell my friends I am thinking, whats the point, by the time they get up to speed all the big events coming up fast will have hit them for six. At the moment I am planning to call to all my friends who I'm trying to get through to the minute I hear the war with iran has started and sit them down and go, look, I'm not going to say '' know this sounds crazy but..' anymore, I going to take a leaf out of Alex Jones's book and go 'look, i'm warning you now, you better listen to this'. i think that at the moment the only thing that will wake people up will be when the party stops. When the really actually realise that there is a problem and that this is not your regular market fluctuation. People the biggest banks are taking out the other big ones. The pattern is so inevitable, takeover after takeover, eventually leading to total monopoly in the banking sector. No competition.

I've just finished Michael Tsarions books Irish Origins of Civilisation btw, and I recommend them completely, it ties in exactly where the source of all the ******** is from. the problem is not the neo cons, illuminati, masons, or the bankers, he identifies who runs them, and also the origins and purpose of the church. if you want to really get a grip of the root of this crazy movie situation we are in you should give those books a read.

Phew! rant over...

Sorry but I just got on a roll there. Main point is, I think we should all get prepared to get out and inform people when they come a bit more open to this info, as in the very near future when the arcade game that is their lives runs out of credits and they are forced to start thinking about what happens next.
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