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Default Re: Please post here if from Ireland

Thats what i was thinking of doing, getting some gold coins. I dunno. T o be honest I went out 2 weeks ago and bought a lot of food, tins etc.
Like, just been on one of the other forums there and they are getting everyone to post messages of intent to prevent the war with iran. I believe in the power of intent, especially as physics has proved that this works, it does. so i join in with them and do intend that it doesnt happen but someone made a very good point that if they do attack iran, and despite my best intending i fear they will, that it won't escalate, that it will just expose the war mongers more and end up having a positive result.
Now that does sound a likely run of events. If so that comes to what I was saying that we need i thin k to be ready to do a blitz on people who aren't aware of all this at that time. Go 'Look, is this **** normal, do you think all this is happening by accident? And then explain as much as possible and try to get them onto this site. The intent thing comes in there. The intent of the 2000 people on this site won't change much unfortunately. But if we could get loads more on then we can really achieve something. Even if people aren't up to speed on the conscious intent side of things, getting people onto the same discussions and aware of the problem would work to solve it.
Jesus, if the world knew what was happening in the morning all we'd all have to do is sit on our hands and refuse to do anything until changes were made.
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