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Default Re: Please post here if from Ireland

"Refuse to do anything"

Hehe. If only.

There's so many things that could be applied to.
Coming from the UK I see only too well just how bad society has become.
Just take a look at this-

The UK press do indeed cover the almost daily stabbings but it's never on the television, it's all about "terrorists" or perhaps "celebs". I could talk for hours about the depravity I've seen in the N.E of the UK, it just goes on and on yet very few see it for what it is because they have grown up with it.
The rampant consumerism and materialism and social decay is obvious only to those who are not used to it, who are older and have grown up in quiet areas not been subject to the television, fluoride and Lord alone knows what else in the way of cr*p.
I eventually gave up bothering trying to tell others, I found very few if any like myself...until I came to Ireland.
It eats you up inside, like I said, I'd love to meet up and chat about it and hear everyones stories but there's no way I could make a trip to Belfast unfortunately. I'm just about as far away from Belfast as you can get without leaving the country heh.
I notice there's 3 of us in the Cork area so far?
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