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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

wow...that took a couple days to digest

thank you astral walker for sharing all the dots you have connected along with everyone else here who is contributing to this thread and seeking to help restore mother earth...i really feel like my whole life has led to what is forming right now and i feel 09 is going to be something special indeed

i resonated with the majority of what astral walker has shared...i don't know about the hollow earth idea but i guess it makes sense with the 2 vortexes at the poles that there would be holes like a funnel but i dont know if the earth needs to be hollow in order for the double vortex to stand true but that is not really that important to me...i also don't know about the sagitarious dwarf thing for i thought that was debunked shortly afterwards...but again that is not the main thrust of this thread and overall i agree with what has been put forth

the code, geomusic and the thorough explanation of remote viewing and astral traveling was new to me and i greatly appeciate connecting those dots for me my life has been leading me towards the use of sound in healing and and i just received some fibonacci tuning forks from santa which i am going to be experimenting with them using sacred geometry...i have experienced a spontaneous healing of my ruptured ear drum during a drumming circle so i know sound can heal and i can only imagine the beneficial possibilities of where this is headed

below is a link called the rainbow serpent project which is based on similar ideas of activating the earth's chakra system:

i dont know if a website is being prepared for the gatherings or not but i feel that would make sense to have it's own website...i am thinking drunvalo could help spread the word as he has been in this line of work for some time...i am also thinking the entire gaian community would be interested in this which is a fairly large group of like minded individuals

i am curious about why the number 777 and how that relates to all of this? i am also a little confused about the selecting of the current power spots of the earth...according to drunvalo the grid is shifting and so wouldn't that mean that the power spots would be shifting to new places also? i think david wilcock mentioned this as well in divine cosmos that as the earth moves into the next density there is also a shift from one platonic solid to another which changes where the nodes connect with the earth?

well thanks again for this thread....we can do it

This is a call to all
Wake up and lucid dream
Like the time before the fall
Intent and light form a stream
Power shifting from king to queen
Forgive the masses and come out clean

This is a call from earth
Wake up and love your mama
Help the goddess light to birth
Anchored by the strength of papa
The serpent energy is changing course
Prayer and ceremony is the healing force

This is a call from sky
Wake up and live as one
The eagle and the condor fly
Send your anguish up to the sun
A message from the jungle spreads
Get into your heart and out of your heads

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