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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi everyone,

Just to be sure I haven't added to any confusion with my own contributions so far:

1) Feb.8th is the first planned meditation

2) I will try to get the file for this out as soon as possible to collect feedback before the event and make alterations if recommended, but it will take me some time to prepare an hour-long file so it probably won't be done until the end of January-ish.

3) [NEW] I am hoping we can have some way to synchronize our clocks for this, so that we are all following the entrainment at the same time. Maybe we can synchronize to a single website that offers the exact time.

4) This first meditation file will likely not be different for anyone, it will be a single file for everyone. In the future, I am contemplating the idea of introducing regional file variations, but this can't be done until I work out the math. If the earth was a perfect sphere it would be much simpler, but since it is actually elliptical due to the force of rotation it makes things a bit more complicated.

5) We're going to try one every month and make them so effective that participation will grow every month. I'll also try modifying the techniques used in at least one way and rely on feedback at first from regular participants (remember, you don't have to necessarily catch the group event, you just have to download the files every month and compare them as they start to add up, maintaining your "favourite").

6) In the meantime we're going to try to really work with all this information collected here to map out something really practical, and not just lots of tidbits of knowledge that are hard to piece together.

7) To accomplish 6), everyone has free license to help. This is where the 2nd part of the team effort comes from (aside from participating in the meditation events and feedback).

Now that we definitely have a broad overview, let's try and focus in on stringing it all together. Good ways of doing this are:

- Short, point form sequences of condensed info

- Numbered info. in logical order

- Really addressing a particular area you have researched well all by itself

-- ------------

There are a few important things that keep coming back to my mind over and over again, that to me represent the biggest lessons I'm largely still working on in my 10 years (so far) of working towards actualization:

Above all:

1) It is simultaneously important that we do not feel there is a rush, and that we keep working towards this without letting it slacken, knowing that certainly, nothing is going to happen automatically, at the same time.

We move forward but in a casual and comfortable manner - happy to take the time we do to bring this forward.

I think it is a really really dangerous idea to think anything is going to happen "automatically", and I do not trust that the people spreading this idea know what they are really saying - I believe most of them have good intentions, but if there was any most central bit of disinformation thrust into this scene to completely neutralize it, this would be it.

To trust in some sort of "plan" that things would happen automatically - no, we have to work our way there together. The bright future we see ahead has everything to do with the willingness to pitch in together and accomplish a large scale project totally independently of "ownership" and "names" and all that.

I believe this is the real test for our part of mankind, to see if we can really believe this as the truth or prefer to just sit around feeling good about our progress spiritually or knowledge of what bad things are happening, and expect something to happen to fix everything automatically.

There are multiple futures possible, and without working towards the best one we will never have it. However by working towards it with too much urgency, we will also not have the best one - our project will not work as well when that kind of energy is mixed in.

Hopefully this message is clear, because unless we firmly establish these singular, balanced notions into the picture (and don't worry, we have all year to do it), we risk the project starting to tread water like so many efforts before it.

I have spent years studying why we have millions of different segregated efforts out there in the world, and the many people with good intentions are not coming together towards a single effort - yes, it is complex to organize, but the more important reason is that many of the projects are still in some way or another still doing their thing within the old mental constructs.

If it begins with a "feeling", what we have done so far and the first meditation should hopefully accomplish this much.

If it continues with formal definitions for the new paradigm of mindset, then we can try to get into that in the meantime before the first meditation and afterwards, as we continue to improve the files and grow participation.

I am so sure this is all about taking the time to getting the project in earnest started slowly but deliberately - if we do it right it will feel very very different from everything that has come before it.

take care everyone
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